Bedbugs and living societies TRANSCRIPT in Toronto, Windsor & Bradford


  • When Bed Bugs Hide in luggage and small holes in homes
  • Usually bedbugs Bite when human, animals are sleeping
  • Signs of tiny blood drops on your pillow or sheets
  • Treatment is hot water to wash all luggage and things
  • 1 year or less than 9 months could be the age of bedbugs

Bed Bugs size, color and living conditions

They run very fast but cannot fly like other insects. Mostly found in brownish and oval colors. Drink the blood of animals and humans. They can enter in the hole according to the size of a credit card space. 50 or 100 eggs are laid by them to grow a new generation of bedbugs.

Hiding places for bedbugs

Such tiny insects can hide in small holes or old scrapes, couches, pillows or in under carpet, mattress of your living places etc. they like to live in groups like ants but do not make their specific nest or homes. Old broken bags and boxes are useful for them to hide in.

 Bedbugs try to bite living persons or animals, birds etc

Long beak is used to suck blood from the skin of humans and animals by biting them slightly.

Usually bite at night or when someone is in a fainted position.

Mark of infectivity or symptoms of bites

Dark red spots on your shirts or curtains, pillows or bed sheet. After night when you wake up you find some marks on your skin of itching which were not present before sleeping. If you find nothing about the infection of bedbugs then you can call the experts to find out more about bed bugs and to find out more caring ways to escape from bed bugs.

Remedies or treatments for bed bugs

 Use spray to kill bedbugs

Wash clothes and curtains in hot water

Throw the dirt of bedbugs for away from the houses

Hold or keep animals, shoes and infected things out of house

Fill holes and cracking of wall and things

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