STOP PEST NOW!We achieve guaranteed 100% results in pest elimination by using all scientific techniques like Integrated Pest Management

Don’t Let Pests Take Over Your Home, Apartments & office's

Say Good-bye To All kind of Pests.

Say Good-bye To All kind of Pests.

Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks, Silverfish, Cockroaches, Bees, Ants, Mice, Rats & Household pests can be much more than a nuisance-they can become a threat to your property and potentially your health & wealth.Even one household mouse can contaminate ten times more food than it eats. That’s why pest and bug control is so important around your Home, Apartments & office’s.

Why Choose Metro King Pest Control

Pest control from MKPC can help you with not only the treatment of pests – but also help prevent unwanted all kind of pest presence in Canada 🙂 (Your Area)

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • More than 20 years of pest control experience
  • Respond to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Extensive training in all areas of pest control

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