Fruit Flies

The adult fruit flies are 1/8-inch long and have a dull, yellow-brown to dark brown colour. There are some species that have distinctive red eyes. The larvae are small (1/10-to 1/5-inch long) and very distinctive with an extended, stalk-like breathing tube at the rear end of the body.

Scientific Name

Drosophila melanogaster

Lifecycle and habitat

They lay eggs onto the surface of fermenting fruit or vegetables, or in areas where moisture and yeast are abundant. It takes up to 30 hours for eggs to get hatched. A female fruit fly produces up to 500 eggs. The larva completes development in five to six days and crawl to drier areas of the food or elsewhere in order to pupate. The entire life cycle spans over eight to ten days.


Fruit flies are common pests that are associated with fermenting fruits and vegetable. They are found in recycling bins, bars of fruit and salad of restaurants food serving areas and kitchens.


It is essential to eliminate the breeding material. Complete and thorough sanitation is required to eliminate the source of the infestation. Insect light traps and baited jar traps, fitted with tops which permit entry and prevent escape, are effective in reducing the population.


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