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In addition to delivering pest control services, Metro King Pest Control Inc understands the specialized needs of your RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL sectors. We provide quality service to thousands of customers nationwide – from small, locally owned shops to national leaders in food and beverage processing, hospitality, healthcare, foodservice, retail, property management and many other industries.

We focus on providing not only quality Pest Control Services to our customer’s but also continued support and backup services for smooth operation of their Pest Problems.

K-9 Detection Services

Our certified K-9 Team will help you in early detection of bed bugs infestation. Our trained professionals will never disappoint you. Take our service with full confidence.

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Cryonite for Bed Bugs Control

The Cryonite System uses very low temperatures to kill insects. Insects are frozen using carbon dioxide “snow”. There are no insecticides and there is no…

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Bed Bugs Treatment

The bed bugs are nocturnal insects that feed on human blood. Normally, bed bugs are active prior to dawn and generally found living either on, or close…

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Industrial Pest Control

Metro King Pest Control Inc., also have special offers for industrial sectors. We take care all warehouses, storage areas and other industrial units on…

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Commercial Pest Control

We are offering extra good quality pest management services to all commercial sectors such as offices, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels…

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Residential Pest Control

In residential sector, we provide pest control services to houses, apartment buildings, condominium buildings and town houses.We eliminate all kinds…

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I was very pleased with the service and thoroughness of the job done by exterminator of Metro King Pest Control. He removed squirrel and mice infestation from my attic professionally. He was very polite and did a great job.

Property Manager , Etobicoke Ontario

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