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Learn to identify common pests – understand their diets, habits and find effective ways to control them.

MKPC’s Pest Library can help you identify and learn about different pests that you may have spotted in your house or commercial buildings. You may understand what damages they can do and how you may safeguard against them.

Our Pest Library provides you with information on the most common pests found in households or commercial buildings. If you’re seeking to learn more about the preventative methods or action plans, you may contact our specialists.

House Mouse
Pest Control Library
Fruit Flies
Pest Control Library
Pest Control Library
Bed Bugs Get Them Out and Keep Them Out
Pest Control Library
Pharaoh Ants
Pharaoh ant is a small yellow or light brown
Pest Control Library
Red & Confused Flour Beetles
Pest Control Library
Pigeons – Everything there is to know about ...
Pest Control Library
Cat & Dog Fleas
Pest Control Library
Meal Moth
Pest Control Library

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